Russian-Nordic Youth Forum Northern Dialogue


Scandinavian Club MGIMO Nordlys is a student-led public organization founded by students at MGIMO-University in November 2016. The main objectives of the Club are comprehensive research of Northern Europe, including political, economic, cultural and historical aspects as well as strengthening and developing youth relations between Russia and the countries of the region.

Scandinavian Club is one of the fastest evolving student organizations at MGIMO-University. The members of the Club are more than 30 students from all faculties of MGIMO-University and representatives from other Moscow Universities, such as HSE and MSLU.

Throughout its functioning, the Club has organized more than 20 scientific and cultural events, including conferences, round tables, lectures, business games, etc.

MGIMO-University is the best Russian university for international students who are interested in studying foreign affairs and Russian studies. Its courses are modern, exciting and intellectually challenging. The University offers a broad range of undergraduate and graduate programs — from international law, political science, business management, energy policy and even digital economy.

MGIMO Endowment Foundation, established in 2007, is the oldest and biggest one Russia. The aim of the Foundation is to accumulate target capital for long-term development of MGIMO-University and project financing in accordance with current university priorities.

Organizing Committee

Nikita Lipunov
Head of the Organizing Committee
Angelina Arkhipova
External relations
Milena Salina
Recruitment of participants
Elina Kaspinskaya
Social programme
Timophey Shtakhov
‘Political Cooperation’
Pavel Kurpas
‘Economic and Energy Cooperation’
Anastasia Gontar
‘Environmental Cooperation’
Nicolina Porokhina
‘Cultural Exchange’
Andrey Kuchuk
Model CBSS
Julia Matveeva
Maria Pozharinskaya
PR, design