Russian-Nordic Youth Forum Northern Dialogue



Elena Dorofeyeva — a literary critic and translator, an expert on the history of Finnish literature, the author of articles on Finnish and Scandinavian writers, the author of the idea and compiler of the book At the Source of Russian Scandinavian Studies: Portraits of Philologists and Translators (2018).

Natalia Goncharova — a cinema project manager of the CoolConnections art association (festivals "Danish Wave", "Sweden's New Cinema", "Norwegian Film Festival", Finnish Film Festival).

Kristina Ivannikova — a film expert, post-graduate student of VGIK, curator of the “Drifting Scandinavia” film club in the Museum of Cinema, author of articles on the formation and development of Finnish cinema.

Roman Dorofeev — Director for film distribution of the Russian Reporting Television Agency (“The Second Life of Uwe”, “Bergman”, “The Hunt”, “Britt-Marie was Here” and over 50 more Scandinavian films)

Elena Rachinskaya — philologist, translator from the Norwegian language, employee of the culture department of the Norwegian Embassy in Moscow, Winner of NORLA’s Translator’s Award (2008, Non-Fiction)